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Joe Biden Targets Unvaccinated Americans

The medical information of Americans is none of the government’s business and harassment campaigns guilting or threatening people into getting something they do not want, will only result in harm to the individual and the eventual elimination of Biden’s presidency. … Continue reading

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Alexandria Post – Kamala Harris Witch Cackle

It seems to have come to light that Kamala Harris keeps information from those in her own staff thus creating an atmosphere of confusion, resentment, and mistreatment. Color me shocked! Kamala Harris and the Witch’s Cackle We can’t always know … Continue reading

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Alexandria Post – Women Athletes Should Boycott

Women athletes are being told to ‘shut up and take it like a man’ while the real men turn themselves into women so they can finally win a blue ribbon. It is disgusting what the elite are managing to do … Continue reading

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Kamala’s Backpedal Backstabbing of Biden

From Town Hall: Kamala Harris to Travel to Central America Before Visiting the Southern Border The president assigned Harris to navigate the border crisis, but the vice president backpedaled and said that she was only designated to deal with the … Continue reading

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Forgiveness & Unity, Part 1

In this world of cancel, cancel, cancel, it’s hard to imagine what it was like long ago when saying “I’m sorry” actually meant something and was received with forgiveness. Back when there was no internet, people were more forgiving when … Continue reading

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Liberals Know My Vagina Better Than I Do

Different day, more crap from those who call themselves liberals and probably embarrass the real liberals. Margaret Cho on Sarah Palin… literally (link contains much vulgarity and lots of lovely language) – I used to laugh when Margaret Cho did … Continue reading

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