Trump’s Decision for 2024

For years the Democrats, the media, the entertainment industry, the far Left, and social media has been trying to get rid of Donald Trump. Now he’s on the verge of announcing another run for the White House and he may just get rid of himself. I hope I’m wrong!

It was exhilarating in 2016 watching him run for president and batting down every attack. It was fun and a little off-putting reading his Tweets and batting down every attack. It was great watching him work during the four years in office and batting down every attack. Then the election of 2020 silenced him, and his supporters have been waiting for his return.

We know he relives the events of the last 6 years over and over in his head because he was living in those moments more than any of us. When he speaks to the public, he continues to bring up the past and all the bad that has happened to him and the good things he did along the way.

The problem is, many of us out here don’t live where he lives; physically or mentally. We think about the election and all the shenanigans, but we are dealing with it differently. His replacement (Biden, if you’ve forgotten) has stabbed the United States with a blade so deeply that it will take years for us to recover; perhaps decades. I could list all of the issues (the border, the economy, etc) but that would take too much time. Suffice it to say, we are in deep doo-doo!

What do we want to hear coming out of Donald Trump’s mouth right now? How about what he will do as president and not how bitter he is. How about being specific about how he will clean up the mess Biden has created and not focus on the 2020 election.

What many of us don’t want to see is a war within the Republican party. Well, more specifically, a bigger war. Trump has already attacked DeSantis when he said he wasn’t focused on the presidential election in 2024 but rather on the Governorship after winning that election. Trump wanted DeSantis to declare he would not run for president if Trump also ran.

If I didn’t see this on Truth Social myself, I might have thought it was fake news. The screen shots below are from four days ago and the weird thing is that today (11/14/22) he thanked Ron DeSantis in a new post wherein he links a video Ron made supporting and thanking Trump during his campaign. It’s a bizarre cat and mouse game; psychological warfare I just can’t grasp.

One of 6 screen shots representing
0ne post by Donald Trump; broken
into segments on Truth Social

Here is the post from Donald Trump
today linking to an ad Ron DeSantis
made showing support for Trump.

This is what many people cannot go through again. We know what it was like and we watched in amazement and awe but now we’re beat up and wondering if it’s worth another boxing match. Don’t get me wrong, I WILL VOTE FOR TRUMP if he is on the ballot but some people have said they won’t vote at all. That’s not good!

The other day a friend of mine sent me a text while I was sending her one and we essentially said the same thing. The main difference was that she said she hopes he does not run where I said I just want him to back off a bit.

At the time he wrote the posts above, he had not announced anything but if you read between the lines it’s obvious he’s making a run for it or why else bash DeSantis. Today he’s set to make the announcement and it’s nearly a guarantee he will say he’s running for president again.

Okay… fine… but let us see a man who will unite the Republican party rather than tear us all apart. The first time around it was necessary to expose them but now we know who they are and they understand the circumstances of supporting or opposing Trump. We learned that some Republicans are actually Democrats and they work hard to fool us.

Here’s the thing though, whipping them before the race even starts is only going to piss off the fans watching from the bleachers. There are a lot of people who want DeSantis to run for president and in the end, if he is on the ballot, I will gladly vote for him.

I will not protest against a presidential vote for DeSantis if Trump is not the nominee. On the other hand, I will not protest against Trump if DeSantis is not the nominee. Unfortunately, there are some who will do just that!

But if Trump bashes and destroys DeSantis in the primaries (or more importantly two years out), he will cause a greater divide than intended. Such a divide will only benefit the Democrats especially if, for example, half of the Republicans vote for DeSantis and half vote for Trump.

In that scenario, will the primary winner get the votes in the general from those who went against him? Or will they protest by not voting at all?

The best bet would be for Trump and DeSantis to sit in the same room and talk about it. Don’t wait for the next interview and think “he better not say he’s running”. Instead, discuss the pros and cons of either man running in 2024.

All of the facts, as many people know them, point to Trump being the nominee. We already know what he will do once in office. He’s proven that he can get a lot done and we know he would have done more if he had remained president another four years. He’s vowed to get rid of the sabotaging admin government workers no one can apparently ever fire.

Most importantly, other country leaders respected Trump and were afraid of him in a very healthy way for the United States. Much that has happened under Biden’s watch has proven to be disastrous and more than likely would not have happened under Trump. Sadly, other leaders may not respond to Trump the way they did last time because all they need to do is wait four years or so and the next guy will give it all away.

So what is the answer?

Trump will announce he’s running and will start attacking anyone who does not fully agree with him. This will cause anxiety in many of his supporters who will shy away from him and deny he exists. They may still vote for him in the end, but it won’t be like 2020 when people spoke of it openly and proudly. If we think the media bashed supporters before, watch out for the next two years.

If Trump becomes too overbearing and obsessed with the past election, people will WANT DeSantis to run so they can vote for him instead of Trump. Many have said they want to see a Trump/DeSantis run which would guarantee both men get into office.

Can the President and Vice president be from the same state?

There are many misconceptions about the rules of a president choosing their running mate. There’s no law or regulation against a president and vice president of the United States being from the same state. The reason why some people mistakenly believe such a prohibition exists comes down to a particular aspect of the Electoral College system laid out in Article II of the U.S. Constitution. 

Article II states: “The electors shall meet in their respective states, and vote by ballot for two persons, of whom one at least shall not be an inhabitant of the same state with themselves.” 

So, the notion these men cannot be on the same ticket together is false. The question is… does DeSantis want to be president in 2025? He’s very young and currently working hard in Florida where they just elected him. Perhaps he wants to keep working there and make a run in 2028. Of course, if he were Trump’s VP and then won election in 2028 and then 2032, he would be in DC for 10 years. Unclear if that’s a good thing.

Here’s the next big question: would it be more beneficial for DeSantis to be the VP now or have no connection to a Trump presidency and run once Trump can no longer run. Perhaps, he would rather run separate from Trump so as to say he did it on his own and avoid those who would say he only got the presidency due to Trump. Believe me, there are those who would say that and will say that of anyone who is elected after working with Trump.

And hell, with the obvious cheating in 2020 we can’t say for certain any Republican on the ticket will win. Trump was healthy and awesome and lost to a wimpy old man who can’t speak without help and often doesn’t know where he is.

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Gas Prices November 15, 2022

Now that the Mid-Terms are over and the dust is still settling, lets see if the gas prices have been affected. At the moment, it appears prices have gone down in the six states I’ve been reviewing the last couple of years.

This is a continued study in gas price changes after Joe Biden took office in January 2021. I am tracking the following states: California (West), Idaho (NW), Minnesota (N-mid), Pennsylvania (East), Florida (SE), Texas (S-mid).

Compare previous posts:
2021: January1, January2, February, March, April, May, July, August, & Dec

2022: March1, March2, April, June, August, September, October1, October2

Information coming from AAA

California $5.423 vs Oct $6.059 – decrease

Florida $3.544 vs Oct $3.402 – increase

Idaho $4.245 vs $4.405 – decrease

Minnesota $3.567 vs. $3.751 – decrease

Pennsylvania $4.082 vs $3.954 – increase

Texas $3.099 vs $3.295 – decrease

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Gas Prices October 30, 2022

On October 27th, Joe Biden made the following claim. “Today, the most common price of gas in America is $3.39 – down from over $5 when I took office.”

Remarkably even CNN & MSN are fact checking it as a false statement.

CNN: In previous remarks, Biden has discussed the state of gas prices in relation to the Russian invasion or the summer peak, not in relation to when he took office. Regardless of his intentions in his remarks on Thursday, though, the price of gas might well be the single most important price in the midterm election campaign, and this speech was the second this fall in which Biden described it inaccurately – both times in a way that made it sound more impressive.

MSN: During a Thursday speech in Syracuse, New York, Biden accurately said that gas prices, now averaging about $3.76 per gallon, have declined by roughly $1.25 since this year’s June peak of over $5 per gallon. But then he claimed, “Today, the most common price of gas in America is $3.39 – down from over $5 when I took office.” People in the audience applauded.

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Gas Prices October 17, 2022

The month of October is seeing gas prices increase once again. California increased the most going from $5.883 to $6.059 on average. As Biden asks Saudi Arabia to postpone their OPEC cut by a month, many people wonder if this coincidentally corresponds to the November mid-term election or if it simply corresponds to the mid-term election.

This is a continued study in gas price changes after Joe Biden signed his Executive Order eliminating thousands of jobs. I am tracing the following states: California (West), Idaho (NW), Minnesota (N-mid), Pennsylvania (East), Florida (SE), Texas (S-mid).

Compare previous posts:
2021: January1, January2, February, March, April, May, July, August, & Dec

2022: March1, March2, April, June, August, September

Information coming from AAA

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Genital Mutilation vs Mastectomy

If you look at the world today vs the world just a decade or two ago, things have changed dramatically. It’s not as if we weren’t already going to this place we now reside, it’s that the moment to advance ripened for those wanting to push drastic changes. If nothing else, the year 2020 was a laugh in the face of the notion we should have 20/20 vision. We keep looking back and we keep not learning.

There are several articles and websites dedicated to the banning and horrors of female genital mutilation and several dedicated to the joy and benefit of transgender surgery. I agree with the notion that genital mutilation is a horrible practice but I do not agree that gender changing surgery for children or teenagers is a good thing based on the notion they are uncomfortable in their bodies.

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Gas Prices September 27, 2022

Let’s look at gas prices in September 2022. Notice that the prices in the states I am watching have gone down (other than California). Question for everyone, what will happen once our reserves are completely drained by Joe Biden’s order? It feels a lot like he’s trading the US security for a vulnerability none of us can overcome. Doesn’t that make him a traitor to our country. Is the word treason too harsh? Why would he do this to us? There’s money and power on the line and he is owned by those who will do whatever they want to our country.

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Twenty-One Years Later on 9/11

The citizens of the United States, regardless of political belief, came together after terrorists attacked our country and killed 2,996 of our fellow Americans in 2001.

Sadly, instead of those enemies being eliminated, they have multiplied. For example, the Biden administration continues to allow our southern border to be overrun by illegal aliens swarming our land after his own words of encouragement. It has been proven that some of these people are known terrorists and it’s unclear how many are within the interior.

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DEFCON Insurrection – The Red Sermon

Joe Biden’s speech on September 1, 2022 was purposeful and telling. It was his hope (and that of the Democrats) that these menacing and destructive words would cause his enemies to flame up and swarm the capitol. He may not have written the words but based on the delivery and lack of gaffes, these were his words.

Make no mistake, the Left’s wet dream is DEFCON Insurrection.

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Biden’s Philadelphia Speech Transcript

See my post regarding this speech. Below is the transcript and below that are the screen shots from the White House website of his speech. This may seem a bit much but I don’t necessarily trust that they won’t change the speech transcript since they won’t even send me the email updates their site promises.

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Headlines – Good, Bad, Ugly

Check out these headlines seen during the last couple of months. I receive several emails with news updates and occasionally one will catch my eye or cause a headache.

UPenn Trans Swimmer Nominated for NCAA Woman of the Year

I wonder if they chose Sylvie Binder over Lia because Sylvie deserved it based on her abilities or because she is a real woman and not a dude pretending to be a woman. Do I dare say ‘both’ reasons?

Southwest Airlines Flight Attendant Awarded $5 Million After Airline Fires Her for Her Pro-Life Views in 2017

At first I was surprised by this but then it dawned on me that many individuals are NOT what the media and activists want us to believe.

The CDC is Finally Throwing the White Flag on Covid-19 Regulations

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is in full retreat on Covid-19 restrictions, over two years into a pandemic that has reached endemic stage and after 99% of Americans have survived with natural immunity from prior infection.

The CDC on Thursday “loosened many of its recommendations for battling the coronavirus, a strategic shift that puts more of the onus on individuals, rather than on schools, businesses and other institutions, to limit viral spread,” the Washington Post reported.

44 Percent of Pregnant Women Miscarried After Receiving Pfizer Vaccine

Gosh maybe if the CDC and other agencies, activists, and other assholes had not pushed vaccines on the public, people would have made a choice of their own choosing.

CDC Vows Internal Overhaul to Repair Reputation


White House Touts Lower Gas Prices Despite Prices Being 67 Percent Higher Than When Biden Took Office

This one can be proved simply by reading the gas price articles here on Freedom Lover USA. I have been keeping track since January 2021 to show what it was when Biden took office vs what it becomes after his policies.

North Dakota School Board Votes to Forgo Saying Pledge of Allegiance Before Meetings

A North Dakota school board has nixed reciting the Pledge of Allegiance before each meeting — deciding it didn’t align with the district’s values.

The Fargo School Board voted 7-2 Tuesday to drop the Pledge from the start of its bi-weekly meetings because members didn’t feel it was inclusive, apparently taking issue with the phrase: “under God,” according to North Dakota newspaper Inforum.

Board member Seth Holden said that because “the word ‘God’ in the text of the Pledge of Allegiance is capitalized … the text is clearly referring to the Judeo-Christian god and therefore, it does not include any other faith such as Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, all of which are practiced by our staff and students.”

Elite, All-Female Nashville School to Allow Any Student Who Identifies as Female

In other words, they are now coed.

WHO Moves to Change Name of Monkeypox to Avoid Being Racist

Monkeypox has been around since 1958. The world’s population has managed to live with that name since then. It was a commonsense name at the time; research monkeys in Denmark were observed to have a pox-like disease (HotAir).

I literally never thought of this in a race-driven way until the WHO mentioned it. Once again, organizations and activists pointing fingers should do so while looking in the mirror. They are promoting racism and bringing it to the surface in an attempt to keep it alive or, more likely, create it out of thin air.

Biden Officially Signs Inflation Reduction Bill

No one with half a brain believes this will reduce inflation including the Democrats with half a brain. They should have called it the Poverty Creation Bill.

Media Outlets Rush to Rename “Inflation Reduction Act”

Twitter users took several media outlets and reporters to task for no longer using the term “Inflation Reduction Act” to describe the massive spending bill President Biden signed into law on Tuesday. As the bill came closer to being signed into law, more media outlets began referring to it as a “climate and health” bill instead, citing nearly $369 billion going toward investments in “Energy Security and Climate Change” (Fox News).

Liz Cheney Loses Seat to Trump-Endorsed Harriet Hageman

… and then promptly compares herself to Abraham Lincoln suggesting she will run for president to keep Donald Trump out of office. Her elitist self-importance makes real people want to puke.

Britain’s Royal Air Force Begins Rejecting Applications From White Men to Meet Diversity Goals

It’s not just the United States that focuses on the race of the individual. Other countries such as Britain want to make themselves appear to give a flying F about certain groups and people. Hear this… they do not care… it’s all about power.

Fire Whites First: Minneapolis Public Schools Refuse to Back Down Despite Criticism

Public school boards show their true colors making color, and anything else they can, something to focus on while not educating children about real life.

Hear this again… they do not care… it’s all about power.

Planned Parenthood Throws Record $50 Million Into Midterm Elections

They gave that money to Republicans, right?

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The Human Brain & Getting Along

The human brain is a marvelously mysterious and incredible thing. It protects us from harm, brings us closer to other humans, and helps us when we aren’t even aware of it. It classifies everything we look at without even thinking about it. Well, that’s not true; it is thinking, we just don’t realize that’s what we’re doing.

Try looking at a sign in your native language and ‘not’ reading it. Impossible unless you see it so quickly that the brain does not compute the message. But even then, it probably did compute it and we just don’t know how to get at the information.

When we see something or someone, our brain immediately tries to identify what it is seeing. Instinct comes into play and the brain decides as quickly as possible if what it is seeing is beneficial or dangerous. It asks questions. The order that it asks is debatable but still important. I believe we subconsciously think 1) safety 2) possession 3) consumption 4) desire 5) longevity.

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The Amazing Attention Seeker

The internet was created to be a place where we obtain and gather information; to learn and grow. Today, when it comes to the individual user, it’s more of an attention feeding ground. Those who crave it, now demand it. Whether it’s by being the most extraordinary to the most outrageous, people need to do more and more to get what they desire; recognition (deserved or otherwise).

In the past, recognition came for a job well done. Now, we give recognition for being different from the norm. The more outrageous and unique the person is, the more others flock to them; making it more the follower’s fault than the person the attention is upon. Those who want the attention, however, know what it takes to get others to look their way and exploit those desires.

It is a give and take proposition. I will give you what you crave (deviance and the bizarre) and you will in turn make me feel elated about myself.

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This Company Doesn’t Want Your Money

On August 9, 2022 past customers of Cards Against Humanity received an email telling them they no longer want their money.

After receiving one of these emails, I went to their website to verify it’s legitimacy because it seemed insane to tell customers they suck and that CAH doesn’t care if they lose business.

Below you will find a copy of the email, screen shots of their website along with links, and other details.

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Gas Prices August 2, 2022

This is a continued study in gas price changes after Joe Biden signed his Executive Order eliminating thousands of jobs. I am tracing the following states: California (West), Idaho (NW), Minnesota (N-mid), Pennsylvania (East), Florida (SE), Texas (S-mid).

Compare previous posts:
2021: January1, January2, February, March, April, May, July, August, & Dec

2022: March1, March2, April, June

Information coming from AAA

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Gas Prices June 30, 2022

Let’s look at the last day in June 2022 and see where we’re at; it’s not pretty. The AAA website states that decreasing gas demands is causing lower prices yet those prices are still too high for Americans to pay at the pump. It means people are staying home and carpooling. They aren’t going to the store when they need groceries, they aren’t going to the doctor when they need help, they are doing exactly what the government wants them to do; stay home and out of the way of those who consider themselves royalty.

With less of the poor out in the streets, the more room there is for the elites. Conspiracy? Amazing how many things we thought were theories are turning out to be true.

This is a continued study in gas price changes after Joe Biden signed his Executive Order eliminating thousands of jobs. I am tracing the following states: California (West), Idaho (NW), Minnesota (N-mid), Pennsylvania (East), Florida (SE), Texas (S-mid).

Compare previous posts:
First January Post, January, February, March, April, May, July, August 2021, & Dec 2021

March 2022, March Updates, April, May

Information coming from AAA

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