MyPillow Banned from BB&B

Note: Petition linked at bottom of this post

Dominion sent a cease and desist order to Mr. Lindell threatening to sue him.

Bed, Bay, & Beyond, Kohl’s and other major stores have removed Mike Lindell’s MyPillow products from their shelves based on his support of Trump and continued questioning of the election process and results. Some details here and here.  

The problem with this is that there are millions of Trump voters and others who love freedom of speech or simply just the MyPillow product. The result is a petition against Bed, Bath, & Beyond.

There is now a boycott against BB&B resulting in customers leaving their shopping carts where they stood in line at the checkout.

The message: STOP using pillows to smother free speech.

While listening to Larry today who was mentioning this boycott, he mentioned there were over 10,000 signatures so far. Within 30 minutes of him bringing this up, the link to the petition now lists 21,180 signed.

Petition is here.

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