Inauguration Symbolism

The National Guard was sent to Washington DC for Biden’s inauguration in huge numbers.

No supporters were allowed to be there to witness the event, no one was allowed to stand in the National Mall. Instead they placed thousands of flags in the place of people.

All over the Internet is mentioned the symbolism of the flags in a positive light as if they represent something grand or beautiful.

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

In addition, razor wire fencing surrounded the capital and other buildings to keep people out and the undesirables away.

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Were the flags literally meant to represent the number of supporters that would have been there?

They could just as easily represent the number they desired to be in attendance.

The fencing did not give the appearance of ‘We the People’; it felt like deception. It looked like the outside of a prison; an internment camp.

The razor wire fencing surrounded the buildings gave the appearance of visiting a foreign country, not a country of freedom, but a country of imprisonment. A third world country.

This type of symbolism will cause fear and anger.

Some will believe that our country is in jeopardy, not from an outside force, but from inside. They have done all they can to make it seem that one side of this coin is completely at fault. Some will believe our country is under siege from our own government and become angrier than they already are.

The amount of National Guard members sent to DC was not necessary considering supporters were not allowed to attend. This grand number merely proves that the Democrats mean to protect themselves above all else and will not hesitate to take over and demolish anyone standing in their way, primarily other party members and those who did not vote for Biden.

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