Chuck Schumer – Insurrection Erection

Chuck forgot he was talking about Donald Trump and slipped back in time to Bill Clinton’s impeachment.

No, Bill was not impeached for having sexual relations with ‘that woman’ but was impeached for lying to Congress. Trump was impeached initially for something he did not do and again for something he did not do.

Slowly, the information is coming out and the 2nd impeachment was done without due process, with 52 proxy votes, without proof of incitement, and so quickly that Trump was unable to defend himself. Now it is set for yet another Senate trial.

Remember, democrats have been advocating to impeach Trump since the moment he was elected. Thus, they have spent the last four years digging and searching for something and what they came up with was weak, which is why the Senate did not follow through.

This 2nd impeachment was ready and waiting as if they knew violence would happen. As if they had planned to push people into action from the very beginning. They allowed riots to happen all of 2020 and even approved of and encouraged them.

Something stinks in DC; something always stinks in DC.

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