Let Us Hear Rush Limbaugh’s Voice Forever

Today, America lost a giant voice and a wonderful man, Rush Limbaugh. It’s hard to come up with another life today that has positively affected more people and who will bring together more people in sadness over his loss .

In reflecting on my own feelings of loss, I remind myself that Rush laid down a plan for us to remain positive in many ways; one being that we can still read his words or listen to his voice. He is not gone in the sense so many leave this world; he affected more lives in a positive way than many have or ever will.

I turned on Rush’s show today longing to hear his voice after not hearing him for a week and instead heard the voice of his lovely wife Kathryn. She spoke of how wonderful Rush was for us and for her. In all that Rush went through with his cancer and all she went through with him, I can only image the pain she feels over this loss and the relief that he will no longer be in pain.

As I think about his positive affect on so many of us, my sadness turns to those who will come after us, those who will not have the opportunity to hear him every day on the radio. They won’t understand what they are missing and, even though they can hear his voice in recordings, how many of them will go back to find his voice? Not enough, for certain.

It’s the issues of today that need his voice.

Rush has done a great job of inspiring other wonderful voices to help continue his message and we must now gravitate to them. For me, however, it will be hard to find a voice like Rush’s that can inform me, calm me, and reassure me the way his did.

It is my hope someone can find a way to do what Rush has done. There are many who can inform us but not all can reassure or calm their audience. Think of the different music genres you enjoy listening to, coupled with the mood you are in.

There are many voices I can listen to but often it’s based on the mood I am in or the mood I need to be in. If I feel anxious, listening to Rush gives me a sense of calm and reassurance other voices have not been able to do.

Today, I am listening to the rest of his broadcast which is spotlighting past shows. It feels like he’s still here and I hope they do this often so his voice continues to be heard . To leave it up to us to go back and search for his voice, would be a mistake.

Let us hear Rush’s voice on his show forever!

Obviously they will have guest hosts or come up with a new host but I hope they play Rush’s voice more often than not. We need to hear him; we need him to inform and reassure us.

AP Photo/Photo courtesy of Rush Limbaugh

Thank you Rush! So much love is felt for you across this great nation and into the hearts of people around the world.

Rush Quotes…

The day’s gonna come, folks, where I’m not gonna be able to do this. I don’t know when that is. I want to be able to do it for as long as I want to do it and I want you to understand that, even when the day comes, I’d like to be here. ‘Cause I have this sense of needing to constantly show my appreciation for all that you have done and meant to me.

It’s never time to panic, folks. It’s never, ever gonna be time to give up on our country. It will never be time to give up on the United States. It will never be time to give up on yourself.”

In remembrance…

Kathryn Adams Limbaugh

I am certain, without a shadow of a doubt, if he could be here today, he would be. He loved you and he loved this radio program with every part of his being. Instead, we know our Rush is in heaven, encouraging us in the same way he always did on earth. Rush’s love for our country and belief that our best days are ahead live on eternally.

David Horowitz

A great American is gone. Rush Limbaugh devoted his life and his great talents to defending the country he loved against its enemies without and within. Therefore, we have also lost a great warrior in the struggle for human freedom.

Daniel Greenfield

In a time when people are more fearful than ever, he was never afraid to speak his mind. Rush’s lesson to us was to be fearless and bold in telling the truth. To spit in the eye of the censors, to mock the pearl clutchers and the professional victims until even they have to laugh at themselves. And then cancel culture will fail and the truth will prevail

Mark Steyn

To modify Rush’s tag line: Talent returned to God

Mark Levin

I just want him to be remembered the way he should be remembered. A tremendous patriot of this country who refused to accept the attacks that came against this country from within. He refused to accept the ideological changes in this country. He defended the traditions of this country, and he spoke for tens of millions of us and, you know, I’ve met a lot of smart people in my life, dealt with a lot of smart people, never smarter than Rush, never wiser, and never kinder.

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2 Responses to Let Us Hear Rush Limbaugh’s Voice Forever

  1. Michael says:

    I stand in the shadows of greatness trying to find a more eloquent way to say this. Words fail me. I cannot describe the profound emptiness the loss of Rush Limbaugh has created. Especially given that I never met the man

    • Just Jill says:

      He was a great man who affected more people than anyone will truly understand. It feels like we’ve lost a best friend and it will be enormously difficult for those who were dependent upon hearing his voice every day to find a way to remain informed and yet not inflamed.

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