The following is a list of locations that may provide you with interesting insight into many subjects. Subjects written on Freedom Lover USA are often based on something of interest that is thought of randomly however, these locations help stimulate ideas as well. This is not an exclusive list and we do venture out to other news sources that do NOT reflect our ideals and, to be quite frank, we have no interest in providing them with a link. The below listed can be removed at any time.

Alexandria – Alexandria is a guest post-driven multi-author blog.

Americas Frontline Doctors – stand up for the best quality healthcare.

American Thinker – A daily publication of thoughtful exploration of issues.

Charlie – nationally syndicated daily radio show host.

Front Page – online journal of news and political commentary

Howie Carr – host of a New England-wide talk-show

Larry – best-selling author and radio talk-show host.

Media Action Network – Expose, Protect, Replace

Michael – host at the Daily Wire.

Mike and Mike – Video info.

Rush – nationally syndicated daily radio show host.

The Political Compass – See where you land politically.

Todd – Found on Am 770 KTTH in Seattle

Washington Examiner – News and commentaries

Washington Times – News and commentaries