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The following two articles talk specifically about journalists and their contribution to the misinformation spreading they claim we (the common folk) are doing. They are doing it for selfish reasons with the ignorant belief that they will be protected by politicians and their backers if and when things really get bad. In other words, they believe they will always have their freedom of speech. They are ignorant fools.

Article 1: What is a Misinformation Spreader?

By the way, how does he know he’s not an extremist?

If you are constantly pushing the idea that there are extremists all over the place and that we must eliminate and silence them, you might be an extremist.

Article 2: Journalists as Firemen

I believe some people, primarily politicians and their financial backers, are pretending to be concerned. These wannabe dictators realize deep down that the build-up to removing American freedoms has nothing to do with a Trump presidency. They are simply using it as a convenient excuse to speed up their push for dominance, a plan that has been in the works for decades.

Thus, I’m back to my questions. Are the journalists actually concerned for us, or are they worried for their small, insignificant carriers?

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